End of Semester 3

Wow, This semester really knocked me for 6.

It was a larger project, containing an illustration and a page layout, with all the back up work involved! I seemed to struggle with keeping up, I couldn’t manage to upload all my work to my tutor and I struggled to make use of my peers, so, needless to say, my work wasn’t my best, and my grade, well, it gave me nightmares, literally!! I’m quite a high achiever, I expect a lot of myself, so when I achieved my lowest score ever it was a complete shock, well, not so much a shock, but I certainly hadn’t had expected to do that badly. I passed, but by the skin of my teeth.

If anything I’ve really learned that I need to really find the time to do my work and to do it to my best no matter what! I can’t let this happen again.

I dreamt last night of having an interview with a world known designer, to work for him, he called me out on my bad grade, I was humiliated and ashamed. I want, need to be a designer, to push myself and challenge myself to achieve something that I thought wasn’t possible!

Any way, here it is, the mockery of this semester… They would be placed side by side as if on a double page spread…




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