End of Semester 2

So Semester 2 has come and gone.

The work load has been slowly increasing and I have been really trying to put my all into doing my utmost best. The brief this term was to create new designs for 2 already popular books. I found it ok, a bit panicked at first as self believe left me for the majority of the semester, I eventually grasped it back with the production of Aesop’s Fables. The idea with this jacket was to aim it more at adults as most of the market already aimed at children.

In hindsight, I think I missed the market a little bit with this design, although I was aiming at adults, I still could have made it a little more fun and appealed to the inner child of the adult.. sure was a learning curve..

The Road was a step away from the genralistic, I have seen so many designs using the same ideas, a road, a man and a boy and the like, so I went to capture the emotion of the tale through image and colour alone..



Aesop's-Fables-PresentationThe Road


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