Picture This Final Assignment

Wow. It’s been a long road, I’ve had to come up with a contemporary graphic Arts Fair poster, but before this there was a lot of research involved and then some experimentation with the looks of different materials. I had a go at block printing and found it to be fun, though, to be honest, my skill set was really below average for it to work in my final submission without looking childish or out of place.

I also looked at Charcoal and Water Color pencils, but yet again they were not to the standard I was looking for. However, I did like the effect that was given from the charcoal, slightly like it was raised from the page.

Submission date is first thing in the morning, well 12am GMT, So I have submitted now in preparation as I am going to the Victoria and Albert Museum. It’s good to finally get it done. 🙂 Here is my final submission…



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