Going into week 6

Its been really tough this past week, coming up with ideas to create a poster with has had me shaking and stressed

Im so worried with doing well that an assignment like this has affected me more that I thought it would. I literally have no spare time anymore, even when im not studying im thinking of ideas!!!

There has been a lot of reference to contemporary posters and im now just beginning to look at historical ones, such as Olympic posters from Moscow from way back (this poster has been included) . I have been looking at the way in which typography has been used and how it affects the lay out and feel if the poster, some of it is interesting and im Hoping this will really aid me in my ideas process.

There is 6 weeks left u til hand in date and im nervous, very nervous, wish there was much more time and I had longer to complete all the necessary research,

Heres hoping for something brilliant to happen….



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