How it is going…

So far University has been hard, time management has been key. Thankfully I had this under control from the start, though I’m finding it hard to completely grasp the differences between Modernism, Art-Deco and Contemporary Art, I think with a little more outside Research and I should grasp it soon Enough.

Working on a Brief at the moment to design a poster, it is for a Graphics Art Fair in a location of my choice

The Context of the Brief

The premise of the brief for this module is the promotion of an international graphic arts fair called Picture This that will be taking place in the summer of next year.  You are commissioned to promote the event by the way of a poster. The event is billed as an exciting opportunity to view and purchase printed artifacts created by some of the world’s best graphic artists, lettering artists and illustrators. The event and venue may be based in a city or town of your choice.

Graphic arts in this context refers to pieces of design, illustration and typography that may be made using the tools of a designer or artist and which may have a slightly more expressive, fine art leaning than regular client or brief-focused graphic design.
I have researched the meaning of “Picture” to find its origin and to maybe include this into my typography design, (it is of Latin origin) I have also looked at other Graphic posters to get ideas of how it may need to look:

I’m currently trying to think up ideas, I’ve noticed a lot of Art Fair posters are simple with Sans Serif font, so this may impact greatly on my decisions, unless I decide to go out of the box…

Any Ideas would be appreciated and any advice is welcome 🙂


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